Situated in Vancouver, BC, we are a team of hardworking, driven individuals fueled by the fact we're solving a real world problem. Enthusiastic about fit confidence, we host a high calibre culture of learning and innovation in a dynamic team setting.


Meet the Team


The dynamos behind FTSY.


Ryan Smith

Founder & CEO, Waste Crusher, Humanist




noun_1009086 copy.png

Michael Henson

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Tennis Aficionado


Matthew Quetton

Director of Corporate Development, Strait of Georgia Sailor, Accomplished Wood Craftsman

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Dr. Jamie Sherrah

Chief Scientist, Machine Learning Mastermind, Guitar Hero



William Fang

Senior Developer, International Man of Mystery



P.J. Worsfold

Head of Product, Modern Art Maven, Hair Metal Buff



Dr. Colin Smith

Software Architect, Long Distance Walker, Avid Reader



Tianna Grey

Community Engagement Manager, Floral Forager, Adventure Seeker



Jessica Couch

Product Manager, Fit Tech Expert, Retail Tech Enthusiast