FTSY Joins Farfetch's Dream Assembly!

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Powered by Farfetch, Dream Assembly is a fashion and retail tech accelerator that offers a small number of the world’s most promising startups mentorship, knowledge, networking opportunities and early-stage funding. We’re thrilled to announce that FTSY is among 11 startups that have been selected to join Dream Assembly for a 12-week programme starting the 7th of September.

Farfetch  is the leading global technology platform for the luxury fashion industry, connecting customers in 190 countries with items from over 930 of the world’s best boutiques and brands from over 45 countries. Farfetch ensures a truly unique experience with the ability to shop the most extensive selection of luxury on one platform. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, not to mention their remarkable growth, is an inspiration as we at FTSY imagine future shopping experiences.

Farfetch exists for the love of fashion. FTSY exists to create confidence in fit.

Coming out of the gate, retail tech startups double down on complexity. They must be able to demonstrate value to both brands and customers and many times this involves inspiring a behavioural shift amongst one or both of these groups. Farfetch is a trailblazer in this regard and we’re grateful for the chance to hear their view on strategy, UI/UX, merchandising, logistics, and data analytics. Adding to this is an incredible opportunity to connect with some of the world’s top fashion houses and the 10 other startups that we’re privileged to join.

Today, FTSY is all about matching online shoppers with shoes that look great and fit well; we instill confidence from the moment you “add to cart”. We have proven that with only a mobile phone, we can predict and recommend the best size for a customer when shopping for footwear online. And we’re just getting started! Going forward, we will add support for many types of apparel and accessories that need to be the “right size” and shape for the customer, creating a totally new and personalized shopping experience that blends style preference with body shape. The future will fit!

Dream Assembly and Farfetch, thank you for the opportunity. See you in Lisbon!


The FTSY Team

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