How to Buy Shoes Online Without Losing Your Mind


There are two kinds of online shoppers: those who buy shoes, and those who don't.

Maybe you’re somebody who already buys shoes online. If so, you know it doesn't come without it's share of hurdles: ‘How do they fit?’, ‘What size am I? — and that’s just the start. Hope you have a couple hours to spare, because by the time you’ve done a minimum of 5 Google searches on the shoes in question, and read the comments section of every website listing, dawn will be breaking. Which in your case, may be good news. Now you can hunt down the aforementioned shoes at an unsuspecting brick and mortar store, only to go home and buy them online with that 10% off introductory code you found in your Google search. Amiright?

Or maybe, like most people, you avoid buying shoes online all together because well, who has time for all that anyways.

Meet FTSY, the app that’s shaking up the way we buy shoes. We’ve created a super accurate foot measuring app and marketplace so that everyone can experience their Cinderella moment. Buy shoes online confidently using the FTSY app to digitally measure your feet and receive match suggestions based on your specific foot shape. FTSY takes the guesswork out of sizing, no try-ons needed.