A Talk on Machine Learning & AI for Fashion Tech

One of the many highlights of our time at Farfetch’s Dream Assembly accelerator was the opportunity to share our view on how machine learning, AI, and computer vision can be applied to the world of fashion design and ecommerce. On September 26, 2018, Dr. Jamie Sherrah, Chief Scientist at FTSY, gave a talk called, “Machine Learning & AI for Fashion Tech” to some of the Farfetch team and other companies participating in Dream Assembly, we’ve included highlights from the talk and related links below.

Please note that FTSY demos featured in these videos are from beta versions of FTSY; a redesigned and updated version of FTSY will be available soon.

Part 1: Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning


  • A brief summary of machine learning, AI, and computer vision.

  • Early examples of convolutional neural nets and the evolution of transferred learning and image classification to detection and masking to semantic segmentation and image captioning.

  • Current applications of neural nets in style transfer, video to video synthesis, pose estimation and edge-to-face synthesis.


Part 2: Fashion Applications


  • Examples of AI and computer vision used in fashion retail and clothing design scenarios.

  • Data analytics as a means to forecast visual style in fashion.

  • Applying deep learning to study geographic and temporal trends of colour in fashion.


Part 3: Computer Vision and Machine Learning at FTSY


  • A look at how FTSY is using machine learning and AI to understand foot shape to recommend shoe size.

  • Examples of the key dimensions FTSY has uncovered through analysis of 3D morphable models of feet.

  • Running neural nets on a phone for presence detection, pose estimation and foot segmentation.